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Brotherlocks™, Traditional Locks or Dreadlocks?


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Brotherlocks™     brotherlocks1brother1



“Brotherlocks™ is a slight modification of Sisterlocks™. Brotherlocks™ is a natural hair care management system that encourages healthy hair growth, and allow men with tightly textured hair to take advantage of today's hairstyles.” Small styable locks.


Dr. JoAnne Cornwell

Founder of Brotherlocks™


Traditional Locks     trad1trad1



Traditional locks are formed by twisting, coiling, or palm rolling the hair into a perfect cylinder. Precision parts create a neat, well groomed, manicured look. Traditional locks work well with tightly textured hair with various degrees of curl.


Dreadlocks    dread1dread1



Dreadlocks are formed by backcombing the hair into a series of knots that create a base for the hair to lock, along with the "right product" to mold the lock. The completed look are instant (looking) locks, that mature over time into a dreadlock. Dreadlocks are best suited for straight hair textures, but can be used on any hair texture.



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